Personnel application information to be received by KPSS 2017/2

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According to the report obtained through the memurlar.net site and published at the e-government gate, it will be made to the public with 2038 personnel by Central Placement (KPSS 2017/2) due to the results of KPSS in November 2017.

The candidates' preferences for placement in positions and positions to be announced at KPSS 2017/2 central offices will be taken by the OSYM Presidency on 14 - 23 November 2017.

A total of 2,038 cadres and positions will be placed in 90 public institutions and organizations.

Turkish Republic State Railways and TCDD Transportation Inc. also set staff for employment, this purchase will be recruiting personnel from High School and Associate Degree departments.


Click here for a list of secondary school staff.

Click here for a list of associate positions.

Click here for a list of licensed positions.

Click here for a list of quality codes.


Source: http://www.memurlar.net/haber/707013/kpss-2017-2-ile-alinacak-2-bin-38-kadro-aciklandi.html

Source: https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/kpss-tercih-rehberi?submit

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